Sick Speaks

April 8th 2020: I am so sorry for being away this long. See the below post for why I was inactive through December, beyond that it's just laziness to be honest. I've gotten into the bad habit of not doing the show. I guess I have been depressed and demotivated for a while, and the stress of working in a hospital/being quarantined to the basement away from my family during this COVID situation isn't helping. It's not the most motivating of situations. I still have 2 episodes ready to be recorded, and a new Mac based recording setup. I just have to get off my ass and actually record. Maybe with all my side jobs being cancelled I can make time to get back in the studio. I do love making the show and always look forward to doing it. I aspire to gain a large listener base, and maybe become part of a network but I've been always self-sabotaging and my inaction on regularly releasing episodes is just another example of that, but I'm working on it. Thank you for your continued support. Despite not having recorded in over 6 months people are still listening. I hope you're all doing well at this very stressful time and staying safe and healthy. Take care of yourselves Death Nerds, and if you have any ideas for topics I should cover, hit me up on facebook, twitter, or


Also December 17th 2019: OG Death Nerd Kris Albert started their own podcast: After Death. Be sure to check it out on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.


December 17th 2019: HOLY FUCK, has it been this long? I am so sorry. My apologies for the absence. I've been working a 60 hour weeks between my day job and side hustles. It's been tiring, but medical bills and credit cards have been PAID OFF, the car has like 2 more payments, and the Grayson children have adequate presents under the tree, so the extra work has been worth it.

I also had a lot of dental work and a gum infection that sidelined me for a while, on top of the usual crippling anxiety and depression that I suffer from. On the upside, I think I finally have a proper diagnosis for a lot of said mental health issues that explains why the myriad of psych drugs that have been thrown at me over the decades never worked. I have a massive overproduction of a globulin that makes most of my testosterone inaccessible to my body...and that can wreak all kinds of mental and emotional havoc. It affects sleep, focus, motivation, mood, and a lot of other stuff. Hopefully I'll be starting a treatment for it soon.

I haven't forgotten about the contest. I have the vial of BTK dirt ready to go. I just haven't actually read the iTunes reviews in months. But I will be addressing it on the next episode. Maybe I'll pick more than one winner as an apology.

I have 2 episodes in the works. #26-Dead on the Air and #27-Deadly Food Recalls. I hope to have them recorded, edited, and released in the next week. I'm also back to posting TodayInDeaths, death stories, and more on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so if you stopped following or paying attention, you'll want to get back to those to keep up on all the creepiness I post.

Again, I am sorry for the absence. Your continued support means more than you'll ever know. I hope you're still here when I get the new episodes released.


July 16th 2019: I apologize for the delay in getting a new episode to you. Between working 2 jobs, many birthdays, spending time with the kids while they're on break, and a few out of town trips I just didn't have to record for a while, but I'm back! Episode 25-Letters From My Friend, Dave is out now. Check it out to hear the quick version of the life and crimes of David Berkowitz, followed by me reading the letters I have from him.


   CONTEST: Leave an iTunes review between July 15th and August 15th and be automatically entered for a chance to win a vial of dirt from BTK's yard. One of my trips this summer was to Wichita, where I scooped up a big cup of dirt from Dennis Rader's yard and some of it can be yours! Get on over to iTUNES!


   UPCOMING EPISODES: Mini #4-The Twilight Zone Accident

                                            Mini #5-A Bitch Named Bathsheba

                                            Episode 26: Dead On The Air


   Graphic Designer Needed! I won a contest to get 100 shirts and 500 stickers printed for free, but my graphic design skills suck. I need someone who can make a logo based on Mr. Yuk in exchange for a couple free shirts and stickers. Hit me up on Facebook or via email for the details if you can do this. Any help is greatly appreciated.



May 16th 2019: Would anyone be interested in purchasing a No Better Death shirt for $15-20 bucks shipped?  I have the opportunity to get a run of 100 made, and am trying to decide if there's enough interest to do it. It'd be a design just to those 100, never printed again, so you'd have something limited. Let me know on facebook, twitter, or nobetterdeath@gmail.


May 5th 2019: I'm currently scripting the next mini and putting together episode 25, which will be a largely unscripted special treat to celebrate beating the statistics that say a majority of podcasts give up by ep 25.

Not show related: I've been trying different side hustles lately-Postmates, Instacart, Amazon Flex. If anyone out there is thinking of trying these out, please use my referral codes. Once you complete so many orders I get a few extra dollars for referring you that I can put toward the show, so its a way to support NBD without giving me a dime. Thanks.

Postmates: FL-itie4

Instacart: PDILLARD411C2


May 2nd 2019: Episode 24: The Science of Death and Mini #3: Death at Disneyland are now available to put into your earballs. Learn about what it takes to be declared medically deceased, legally dead, options for donating your useless meatsack once you die, the first murder at Disneyland, and more!!!


April 26th 2019: I am seriously going to record this weekend and get the show back on track. I am sincerely sorry for the extended hiatus. I could cop out and say it was a break between seasons but the truth is I had a month of drama going on and needed a bit to reset my brain. Feeling good to go. Will be back soon. I have 3 episodes ready to record.


March 27th 2019: ICYMI: I'll be releasing a mini episode around 20 minutes in length, give or take, between every other full episode to give the death nerds a bit more death nerditry in their life. Since I've been crap on getting the weekly eps out on time lately, I thought I'd release all 3 minis I had recorded at one time as a "sorry I suck so bad", however I seem to have deleted the 3rd one, about the first homicide at Disneyland, but the first 2 are up now. In the first, we discuss Dating Game Killer Rodney Alcala. In the second, I tell you about the Ramree Island Massacre where up to 500 Japanses soldiers were killed by crocodiles during World War 2. Be sure to check those out. I hope to get the next full episode-The Science of Death and the 3rd minisode recorded this weekend. Until then, try not to die.


March 22nd 2019: This will make sense next episode, probably.


March 19th 2019: Just checking in to say HELLO DEATH NERDS. I hope you enjoy episode 23: Dead In The Bathroom. It was definitely an interesting episode to work on. I've got something I've been putting together to bring more NBD to you twice a month so stay tuned for that. Until next time try not to die! Pictured: Albert Dekker,  Hideto Matsumoto, and Christopher Shale.



March 7th 2019: Question for the audience: What changes could I make to the show that would get you to listen/interact more or things that you think would grab the attention of more listeners? If you have any thoughts or ideas hit me up on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or EMAIL. Thanks!

I hope you enjoy Death By Selfie. I got a few chuckles and probably some sort of life lesson out of it. Pictured below-18 year old Romanian Anna Ursu who burst into flames when she touched an electrical field above a train while trying to take a selfie.


March 5th 2019: I didn't get a chance to record this past weekend. My daughter and Mrs. Grayson took a girls weekend to New Mexico and I was on kid duty with my son all weekend. I was going to record yesterday but news of Keith's suicide triggered something in my own depression and suicidal thoughts so I wasn't really in the right headspace to record. I'm hoping to get Death By Selfie recorded tonight and edited/released by Wednesday evening. Until then, go listen to some Prodigy, the Clever Brains Fryin' "Oozy" ep, and the one Flint track that was released.



February 28th 2019: I see a lot of smaller podcasters, like myself, asking about how to monetize their show. I have no clue. I was notified once of a college wanting to put ads on my show but they never did. Whatever. I think if you get into anything strictly for money, you probably shouldn't be doing it. Money is not guaranteed. Obviously, my show is not huge, but I didn't really intend for it to be. That'd be great and all, but NBD is pretty niche. If I had a million listeners and ad dollars rolling in I wouldn't complain, but I didn't start this show to sell ad space. I will if I can, but I started this show for 2 reasons.

1. I was already a death nerd learning about and storing all these stories of unusual deaths and tragedies my wife didn't want me talking about around the kids, so I started the podcast to have a place to discuss this stuff.

2. I hope to use it as a resume. It proves I can come up with ideas, research, document, handle recording equipment, engineer/edit a show, write intro/background music, publish, promote, work social media, and maintain a website. Maybe one day a bigger show or podcast network will be looking for someone to add to their staff and I can get out of this cubicle. Last Pod Network has Travis. My Favorite Murder/Exactly Right has Steven. Maybe one day someone else will have Sick. Who knows? But if that never happens, I'm totally content just spitting dark shit to my death nerds.

To date, I haven't made a cent off this show. In fact, it costs me money for hosting and whatnot and eats up A LOT of time I should probably be spending on other things so it's kind of a loss for me, but I enjoy doing it and it seems to be finding an ever increasing audience that enjoys it as well, and that's cool with me.


February 28th 2019: I'm not happy with this week's episode (Murder They Wrote). It's too short, I feel like I sound monotone, and the sound is way off. My plosives (Ps & Bs) were way too loud and there was too much air in the vocals. This is due to a change in my audio setup that I didn't properly test. I put a mixer into the chain so I'm not constantly putting the mic directly in and out of my audio interface input (wouldn't want that to break) and got some new vocal processing software that seems to have increased the noise rather than removing it. The next episode, Death By Selfie, should sound better and be the length of a proper show. I'm going to try to work out the bugs in the new setup. Also-I've got something in the works that will give you more Death Nerditry to get you through your month that should be coming out sometime around March 6th-the 6 month anniversary of the show. Hurray for arbitrary numbers.


February 25th 2019: Where is this week's show? I recorded and edited it, and it turned out to be 37 minutes long, which is at least 13 minutes shorter than the 50 minute minimum I try to hit for a show, so I'm still trying to decide if I should release it as is, add another story or two, or scrap the whole thing. In the meantime, here's the link to the newly created No Better Death FACEBOOK GROUP.


February 18th 2019: Episode 20 ROZZ WILLIAMS, frontman of Christian Death/goth icon/poet/artist, is up now. If anyone wants the direct link to the interview you can find it HERE. I apologize if the show was choppy. I had to wing it halfway through when I realized my script was aimlessly wandering through a never ending list of band members and an article about the LA goth scene that wandered far from the topic so I had to stitch together what I could and ended up putting a 28 minute interview on the end to make up for the lack of material. I hope you enjoy the episode. It didn't come together the way I wanted it to, but I definitely enjoyed the topic and working on the episode.

Rozz Williams


February 14th 2019: I've had a head cold the last few days and am doing Valentines things with Mrs. Grayson tonight, so I'll be recording episode 20 tomorrow afternoon and should have it up on Saturday. Yes, I totally dropped the ball on a holiday episode because Valentine's didn't register as a holiday to me. Instead you get the story of Rozz Williams, frontman of iconic goth band Christian Death. Happy V-Day.


February 10th 2019: Someone started a No Better Death reddit to which I have cosigned. If you're a redditor you can find it HERE.


February 9th 2019: Episode 19: Killer Concerts Part 1 is up now. This week we look at the Alrosa Villa venue shooting that left Dimebag Darrell and several others dead, the Station Nightclub fire at a Great White show that claimed 100 lives, and a trampling at a The Who concert in Cinncinati that killed 11. Pictured below is Mrs. Grayson and I at Dimebag's grave in Arlington, TX summer of 2014.

Sick and Mrs Grayson visiting Dimebag


February 8th 2019: I'm attempting to actually use Instagram as I'm being told Twitter and Facebook only reach so many people. Find and follow me HERE.


February 2nd 2019: Episode 18: Daredevils and Stuntmen Part 1 is out now. Tune in to learn about the deaths of rooftopper Yu Wongning, stuntman Jose Marco, tightrope walker Karl Wallenda, and human cannonball Matt Cranch.





January 31st 2019: My apologies for not getting an episode out last week and being so late this week. As I mentioned on Twitter last week, I've been asked to help write a couple songs for a possible collaboration with a friend's electronic group, so I was busy composing last week. Then, we had some personal issues arise in the Grayson household that has required my attention on top of that, and spilled over into this week as well. I will have an episode out by Sunday this week. Next week should be back on schedule. I apologize for the delay, but when you're a one person show on top of work, kids, and other obligations that come along with adulting, passion projects often have to come last. I'm going to try to bank a couple episodes so if something like this comes up again I can still get things out on time. As always, I appreciate your support and patronage. Until next time, try not to die.