No one podcasts in a void. It is a community-a community of content creators, researchers, hosts, producers, editors, advertisers, and of course the audience. The survival of this community depends upon support from everyone working within it, and those listening from outside it. How can you support this community? The easiest, cheapest, and most effective way is to LISTEN to the content being created and SHARE it with others. If you even remotely like my show, you'll love the following shows (only indie or small network shows listed):



True Crime/Paranormal/Conspiracy/Creepiness:

The Last Podcast on the Left - I don't think I need to put a description here. It's one of the biggest and best podcasts on the planet. Just go listen.

Keep It Weird - A podcast about all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, spooky, gross, sticky, and all around weird 

That's Weird - An amateur cryptozoologist and a conspiracy theorist talk about the things that make them say “that's weird! 

Nature Vs Narcissism - Heather and her guests discuss true crimes and the narcissists who commit them 

Status: Pending - Heather, of NvN, and Co. look at unsolved, prematurely closed, or open without any solid leads 

Fruit Loops - True crime enthusiasts bring you stories about people of color, bringing diversity to the true crime conversation 

Affirmative Murder - Amateur True Crime enthusiasts Fran and Alvin tell each other murder stories involving minorities 

Killer Jobs - Each episode explores the day jobs, life, relationships, and murderous rampages of psychopaths

Murderish - Delves into true stories of murder, disappearances and other creepy events

Murderific - Topics include serial killers, mass murderers, unsolved cases and the missing

Criminal Perspective - Exploring the perpetrators behind the crimes

Give Me Murder Or Give Me Death - Each week they dive into horrific crime and try to wring a bit of humor from the darkest aspects of humanity

Just the Tip-sters - A raucous, often funny, always compelling adventure into murders and mysteries and other weirdness

Bumblebutt Podcast - Covering everything from serial killers, murder, organized crime, cults, UFO’s or even paranormal

Grave Girls - Three girls review scary movies and relate them to real-life crime stories, creepypasta/ scary stories

Two Girls One Ghost - Hosted by Corinne and Sabrina. It's not what you think, or is it? It's not. It's a paranormal comedy podcast!

Shadows on the Wall - True crime, ghost stories and urban legends, told from the bed of a real-life couple

Ignorance Is Bliss - A podcast about psychology & sometimes crime.



Cognitive Dissonance - We bring critical thinking,skepticism,and irreverence to any topic that makes the news,makes it big,or makes us mad

Black Mass Appeal - Discusses modern Satanism, its history, leftist political activism, and how Satanism relates to current events and culture

Naked Diner - Each Episode Jack and Andrew discuss current topics/religion/politics and are joined by a guest

The Scathing Atheist - A weekly look at religion and the stupidity that breeds it

The Thinking Atheist - Seth brings a rage-free challenge to the religious beliefs that defined his youth

Abe Lincoln's Top Hat - Join comedian Ben and radio man Marcus as they discus what’s going on in politics and the world of social issues

The How-To Heretic - A user's guide to life outside religion



People Are Wild - An intrepid nurse who likes to talk a bit too much as we explore medical cases and topics in a way that only an ER nurse can

Podcast From The End of The World - MSI frontman Jimmy Urine and wife Chantal discuss all things from their home in New Zealand

Gender Fluids - Ava and Arielle take an explicit and unapologetic look into the depths of sex and gender


Comedy & Entertainment:

10ish - Join Nick and Brandon as they tackle a new, random top 10 list each week

Page 7 - Jackie Zebrowski, Marcus Parks, and Molly Knefel give you the yeehas and the yahoos on celebrity gossip

Nightmare On Film Street - Comedic take on horror from Nightmare on Film Street founders Jonathan and Kimberley

We Have A Technical - I Die:You Die's discussions of industrial, EBM, goth, dark electro, and related music genres

Casualty Fridays - Conversations with horror icons Tiffany Shepis(Troma), Felissa Rose(Sleepaway Camp),and Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th)

The Geekly - Weekly review and opinion show concerning pop and geek culture

Teen Creeps - Join comedians Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai as they discuss the YA pulp fiction of their awkward, neon youth