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This week we take a look at the historical use of, and reasons behind, lethal dismemberment throughout the ages and across various cultures.

With a word from Keep It Weird, 10ish, Give Me Murder or Give Me Death, and That's Weird. Music by Cylence.

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On this episode we take a look at the deaths of blues musician Johnny Ace, Japanese serial killer Hiroaki Hadaka, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausecu, and civil rights leader Harry T. Moore, all of whom died in horrible ways on Christmas.

With a word from Give Me Murder or Give Me Death and That's Weird and music by Twisted Prophecy.


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This week we ditch the themes for a mix of random stories including an article about what mass shooters say may have stopped them, a serial killer's Amazon reviews, a free course on how to identify bodies, last words of famous people, and we close it out with a song from Revolution State-song title: The Departed, album: Viridian Resonance. Available on iTunes: Revolution State

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